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We are 346 Automotive Group at 346 W. Walnut St in Historic North Wales, PA.  -Our mission is to simplify the process of buying a car from a small dealer. With no pressure, and quality cars priced right, our goal is to build a long-lasting connection with new customers and foster that relationship by tending to the needs of our surrounding community.  -Shopping with us is one-stop! We do all tag work on site, no need to travel to another location to complete your transaction.  -If we don't have it today, we can get it for you. With connections from our massive base of clients to all the dealer networks in the area, we are sure to find the exact vehicle you need. Cars, trucks, work vehicles, classic/exotic, trailers, etc. You name it we will find it, and fast! -And, We will buy your car for cash! As our senior clientele downsize and stop driving, there is a need to liquidate vehicles safely and quickly. We can help you, or your loved one, escape from the insurance, registration, and maintenance aspect of owning a vehicle they no longer need.  Call us today! 215-699-3461 Or visit us online: 346autogroup.com

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